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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." Michelangelo

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What is your property worth?
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What can I do to create a successful sale of your home?
How cleaning, staging & small repairs impact the value of your home?
Modern Internet Advertising?
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For answers to these questions and more, call Daniella today at  647-977-7718 or 416-261-9111.

Selling a home is one of the biggest business transaction for many ! It is important to select experienced, and knowledgeable Real Estate Broker and Team of trusting professionals you can count on.
The selling process can be stressful, competitive and time consuming. And yet, the best market price is the most important goal and result, together with smooth transaction and closing.

After almost eighteen 'full-time' years in Real Estate Business (seven years in Europe and eleven years in Canada), Daniella Knezevic is knowledgeable and experienced to sell your home fast for the top market value $$$. Daniella has helped hundreds of people sell and buy their properties with success. She uses only proven and successful sales and marketing methods, diverse and modern advertising tactics, advanced and powerful communication skills and leading edge technology.

Daniella Knezevic is MVA and a Real Estate Broker. She is known as detail oriented perfectionist that invest in her listings, specialize in modern and popular internet advertising, implement highly efficient techniques that lead to high end results.

Daniella's goal is to have her clients satisfied with the marketing, advertising, communication, and results - the selling price they get for their property!

Daniella is knowledgeable about staging and can help you in wisely preparing your home for the sale. A well presented home sells faster and for a higher price. If there is a need for staging Daniella can show you how to stage your property cost and time effectively. She can connect you with other staging professionals if furniture and decorations are needed, and/or contractors if renovations are needed.

Daniella's top priority is to determine the real and highest market value for your home. In order to appraise the accurate and the best market value Daniella will perform a detailed evaluation and analysis of every part of your home, as well as of all comparable homes in your area. Her work only starts there, as Daniella will fully investigate the real estate market and trends in your area and also compare your property with similar listings presently for sale and recently sold similar homes to ensure that you receive the highest amount in the present market for your property.

Daniella will keep you informed of all the steps that she and her team of professionals are taking, including marketing activity, showing activity, and the feedback of clients and other agents . Daniella will timely update you and let you know of all market changes and all new listings and sold homes in your area so timely and intelligent actions and adjustments can be taken that work for her clients and their best interest.
Daniella's service is highly professional and truly customised. Her ultimate goal is that in the end, her clients get the price that reflects the true and best value for their property under current market conditions, and they are so satisfied and astonished by the co-operation, results and the sale process, that they want to refer Daniella and her team to their family and friends so they can also experience success, happiness and all benefits of working with Daniella and her team.
Daniella is committed to the highest level of service and extraordinary results!
Clear the way for a Quick Sale
Often invisible to homeowners, clutter can be a deal breaker for buyers. To understand why it's so important to rid your home of clutter before it goes on the market, it helps to know its effects on buyers.
- A cluttered space feels smaller, darker, and more cramped than one that isn't stuffed wall to wall with knickknacks and furniture. And small and dark are ablsolute turnoffs for buyers, who want the most space and light their money can buy.
- It's your home buyers are interested in, not your personal belongings. So, if there is to much clutter, they buyers will see the clutter and not the home - and they are reluctant to purchase a home they can't even properly see.
- Buyers often try to picture themselves and their belongings in a home they're thinking about buying. But, if everywhere they look they see your personal belongings, you photos and your life, all on display, visualizing their own life in the home becomes difficult.
- For many buyers, a cluttered decor is a neglected decor, promting buyers to speculate on what others aspects or parts of the property have been neglected. They might perceive your home as needing mnore maintenance that those that are clutter free, and that perception, whether or not real, can be off-putting.
Removing clutter from your living space will not only make it more appealing to buyers, it will also help you to emotionally detach from your home and start seeing it as a product to be marketed at it's highest potential and sold for the best market value.
For more tips on how to successfully approach today's active real estate market, please call Daniella today at 4647-977-7718 or 416-261-9111.
If your goal is to Sell your home FAST, for the Best Market Value, and Experience Great Service and Extraordinary Results, Call Daniella Now and Start Packing!

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